How can someone identify the difference between fake and real Passport?

To avoid people traveling with fake passports, real passports have special protective features. It makes it difficult to make counterfeit. But, several sources have tried to overcome these limitations to offer fake passports that look almost like the real ones. Such passports are life saviors for people who cannot wait for a long time for the real passports to arrive. Is it possible to identify the counterfeit ones? While the process of identification of a fake passport from a highly specialized team may seem difficult, some points may give away the authenticity of the passports. Identifying a fake passport is a sensory process. You need a keen sense of observation and smelling power to know if the passport is authentic or not. Here are some of the tips to detect the difference.

Smell The Passport

An old passport smells like an old book. The new passport has a distinctive smell of plastic and glue. The passport must match the age printed and the smell it emits.

Visual Examination

The passport must have the correct size as suggested by the ISO/IEC7810 (the standard specifying the characteristics of the identity card) ID-3 Standard. Hence, it must have a size of 125 millimeters X 88 millimeters. The passport must have a digitally printed photograph with a holographic overlay. It must also contain the code of the issuing state. Check if it has a machine-readable zone. The number of pages in the passport also holds significance. It must contain 24 pages to 34 pages (36 pages if E-passport).

Check Details

The passport must have an expiry date printed on it along with the holder’s digital signature.

Security Features

The passport must contain the security features as suggested by the specific country. Each country has its set of security features such as unique color or fonts, holograms, watermarks, and others.

If you have no time to get a real passport, you may turn to fake ones. But, the market is flooded with platforms offering mediocre-looking passports. It means the chances of people identifying it as fake increases. If you are looking to get a passport that appears almost real, then seek assistance from experts with experience such as Easydocumentshop. The team of experts behind the platform ensures the passport you obtain has all the information updated to ensure it appears real.

Due to having the passport available readily, you need to access the platform to select the passport you need and get it conveniently without any hassles. After submitting the relevant data that includes fingerprints, photos, signatures, and other private details, you can expect a passport that seems like a legitimate passport. So, you can use it for legal purposes. The platform offers 100% satisfaction as you get an almost authentic-looking passport. If you are worried about getting the passport, then never worry as the platform sends the passport discreetly. It guarantees confidentiality and peace of mind. With a great customer service team, you can contact the experts for overcoming any troubles. With the customer support team standing by your side, you can overcome any issue with ease.

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