Fake Documents FAQ Guide – Lender’s Guide to Fake Documents

Whether it is identification or other documents, they play a critical role in almost every sector. With the rapid rise in fraud, preventing them has become a crucial requirement. When it comes to verifying documents, one should also be aware of fake documents so they can easily be identified. There are many FAQs as well; let us check out some common ones and find out the solutions:

What is document fraud?

Official Documents


If you are unsure what document fraud is, you need to note that it is a fabrication or duplication of official documents. It also might involve the counterfeiting and forgery of them. The main aim here is generally to circumvent legal authorities and checks. It is generally done to attain unfair eligibility for something. It can lead to significant financial losses. Therefore, one needs to beware and adopt adequate safeguards so that they may be prevented.  

What are the usual ways perpetrators try to fake

Perpetrators usually do everything to ensure they don’t get caught. They usually use four main methods to conceal the fraud they intend to carry out. These might use methods usually to fabricate physical and electronic papers. Or they can also use methods to make changes to existing documents. These might be changes like changing the date of birth, expiry date, etc.

What is the traditional way of identifying fake documents?

If you check, the human eye is the old method for detecting the manipulation of documents. If there are changes in the text style, space, alignment, or inconsistencies in color, then these can easily be detected by the trained human eye. Fraud analysts usually study the various attributes of the document for suspicious manipulation of the document. 

Some way of identifying the same is by checking for obvious errors. These can be done by looking out for misspellings to typeface inconsistencies. 

You can also look for unusual formatting and check if the same is not consistent with the rest of the document.  You can also check and compare the data on the document provided with the official database. If any manipulation to the same has been done, then on the comparison, the immediately be known.

What are the ways to identify fake documents digitally?

Indeed, manual document checks are still in use, but they are not full proof for identifying the manipulations made by perpetrators with the intention of fraud. Thus, many companies are now using digital ways to identify themselves.

The methods used may include the use of microscopic scanners. Through these advanced devices, you can check for data inconsistencies and then assess if any manipulations have been made to the documents that have been provided.  Additionally, you can also use the advanced visual authentication technique. Now you can also use live identity verification to prevent fraud.


To conclude, we can hope that the FAQs and answers provided here will help you to prevent fraud through fake documents. 

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