Citizenship in South Korea: What you should Know

Citizenship in South Korea


Citizenship in developed countries is an aspiration many would like to dream about or achieve. South Korea is one of those developed nations that inspires beliefs for a better life as the improvement in its standard of living has attracted many to aspire and achieve this milestone. 

South Korean citizenship is in high demand. But how would one access the coveted prize of getting it? These are things one must know if searching for South Korean citizenship.    

Things You Must Know Before Applying for South Korean Citizenship

There are three official ways to access South Korean citizenship. However, each of the three pre-set ways has rules standard & applicable to all seeking South Korean Citizenship. These include:

a). continuous residency in South Korea for five years.

b). married to a South Korean citizen for a period exceeding two years & continuously residing in South Korea.

c). ability to speak & write in the South Korean language.

d). financially self-sufficient & supportive without dependence on others while residing in the country.

e). demonstrate some unique skills, gifts & talents that can help boost national growth.

1. Registration


Foreigners wishing to become South Korean citizens may do so if they have lived in the country for five years consecutively/continuously. That is also subject to or as long as they fulfil other requirements according to South Korean laws. 

2. Marriage 

When a foreign national is married to a South Korean citizen, citizenship is possible with the proof of the marriage and legally staying together continuously for at least two years.

3. Business Investment

A foreigner or alien person can also access or get South Korean citizenship by making a significant business investment and demonstrating the profitability & viability of the business investment. 

4. Special Skills Talents

Some individuals possess key/vital skills that are rare and valuable. These people can tap into skilled naturalized citizenship after verification & evaluation of their unique skills & talents. These can include sportspersons, scientists, doctors & medical researchers.

Are there any differences between the Naturalization & citizenship of the country?

Of course, there are differences that separate citizens born & brought up in Korea & the naturalized citizens. There are significant benefits to naturalisation but still short of what natural citizens access. These are:

1. Citizenship is an acknowledgement of birth & original domicile country. You are born, raised & settled there. Naturalisation is choosing another country for better living standards and adopting it as your new home.     

2. Citizens are entitled to run for political offices, naturalised citizens have restrictions on this freedom.

Advantages of Becoming a Citizen of South Korea

1. No need for Repetitive Long Visa Stay Extensions

2. Access to the South Korean Passport

3. Freedom to Invest & Purchase Properties

4. Freedom of Movement 

5. Access to more Stay Benefits


There are always more benefits as opposed to disadvantages. The ability to move freely and have a South Korean passport is a privilege. There are legal and fast ways to access both citizenship & a passport. Find the most accepted & trusted with for a lifetime of fewer worries about your legal status.  

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