5 Steps to Handle Fake Identification Documents Sensitively

Fake documents are prevalent these days, be they driving licenses, educational certificates, diplomas, degrees, post-graduations & doctorates, passports, national IDs, etc. The list is endless & keeps growing by the day according to demand.

Nevertheless, handling a fake identification requires seriousness & sensitivity, for there is always foreboding in mind. So, applying basic etiquette ensures all goes well post the encounter.

However, if you practice these steps carefully & seriously, nothing should of overwhelming. These are classic steps when you are handling fake identification.

Fake Identification Documents

Stay Calm and Composed

A fake document presentation may pose challenges for verifiers of established databases. They may be outright threats or just momentary fraud attempts that law enforcement needs to deal with at higher levels. Either way, handlers must show high levels of straightforward calm that doesn’t give away their state of fear, anxiety or alarm. Since fake IDs & documents are becoming commonplace, it’s better to act civil and polite before any situation turns hostile. Secure places can have other measures to respond to avoid future fake Identification presentation repeats.

Practice Professional Diligence & Neutrality

Although, in most instances, the desire to call law enforcement kicks in, there is always also a path that sets you on a more competent path. Treating the incident as practical in a neutral way minimizes unfortunate outcomes. If the presentation is for serious business engagements or access to services, there are other ways to competent law enforcement authorities.

Keep a Copy of Scanned Documents in the Database

The main reason is to avoid a future collision or crossing of paths with the bearer. It also safeguards your business or organization from being taken advantage of at any time. A database of security-check failed documents prevents future presentations. The documents form part of a negative/red marked register of documents to avoid. You can also create an alert to safeguard your institution from accepting these documents. Alerts may not harm users immediately but create a civil use alert rather than raising outright red alarms.

Inform the Document Holder of Security Check Failures

Politely & courteously inform the document holder of the detailed document security scan failure & hand over the document. Practicing civility throughout the engagement with the document holder without giving away unease or dissatisfaction is a practical way forward.

If there are serious attempts to misuse fake identification, it is best to return the documents and let law enforcement investigate. The best possible course of action evaluates immediate personal/institutional safety and enhances law enforcement procedures. That ensures future fake identification repeats are marginal or minimal.

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